Where it all started

Bernie "The Bolt"

Bernie “The Bolt”

After working for the late Dick Craine at Empire Garage
Bernard Wade set up in business as Castle Motors in 1970 in
the old laundry premises on the quay in Peel. At that time the building was
in Peel. At that time the building was owned by the late Cliff Fairfeather
but is now a restaurant. Later Bernie moved to the Viking Garage further
along the quay, owned at that time by Basil and Norman Crompton, and the
business is still owned by the Crompton family and now run by Ean.

Later Bernie relocated to the Viking works in Mill Road where a new
workshop was built. ‘But this wasn’t a success with
interest rates at the time running at 21 per cent,’ said
Bernie. ‘So I was forced to sell up and went to work for
the Dean family at Quiggins timber yard in Lake Road, Douglas.’
Six months later and still supplying a service to customers, Bernie went on the road with his customers, Bernie went on the road with his mobile workshop. Bernie has always had the full backing of his family with his wife Mavis involved from day one and as the family grew up the couple’s children Brian, Diane and Alan joined
Bernard Wade & Son which operated out of the old fire station in Peel and at Harry Kneen’s coal yard on the quay.
In 1994 the decision was made to seek larger workshops and the business relocated to
was made to seek Balthane in Ballasalla, where premises were
leased from Des Collins and where Wade’s Truck Services was born.